RH318: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

LThe Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization course (RH318) is extensive hands-on training course which explores the virtualization features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Upon completion, partcipant can effectively create, deploy, manage, and migrate Linux and Microsoft Windows virtual machines hosted on RHEL Servers using RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Manager.

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About Vimal Daga: Vimal combines more than a decade of practical knowledge of evolving technologies, including Linux, Open Source and Security. He maintains a passion of learning new dimensions of technology, understanding breakthrough ideas and connecting common men with new media.

His key technical areas are: Big Data, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, OpenStack, Storage - Glusterfs, Web Application Security, Dev Ops, Linux Server Security and many more to go.

He has been honored with a convincing number of authority awards for his contribution to Rajasthan's Linux culture, and for bringing the benefits of technology to the masses in an uncomplicated yet useful manner. He shares an excellent portfolio of being certified by leading technological institutions (such as first public RHCSS (Ex333) of India, first Cisco Certified System Instructor in Rajasthan) Currently, he chairs the role of Chief Technical Officer at Linux World - a company that was founded to make Linux and open source easily accessible and understandable to budding technocrats.

Launched around a decade back, LinuxWorld today enjoys a prized position as one of the fastest growing and most recognized Linux training and consultancy institutions in India - working for individuals, corporate entities and educational institutions. All that was possible for hard work, attention to detail and successful execution of ideas of Vimal
Besides hosting seminars, organizing workshops, discovering new avenues of technology in keynote speaking sessions, he contributes to authority publications that deal in Linux.

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    RH133 / RH134 or equivalent experience with Linux System Administration experience on Microsoft Windows operating systems beneficial, but is not mandatory for the course.

RH318 : Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

RH318: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

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1.Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Platform

  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
  • Introduction to KVM
  • VirtIO drivers.
  • libvirt
  • Virtual machine management with virsh

2. Advanced RHEL Virtualization

  • Managing virtual machines with RHN
  • Defining VMs with libvirt XML
  • Custom KVM network configuration
  • Virtual Machine Migration
  • Shared Storage
  • iSCSI Internet SCSI
  • Acessing disk images from the host OS Unit

3.RedHat Enterprise Virtualization

  • RHEV for Servers architecture overview
  • RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Manager overview
  • RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor overview
  • Preparing a Windows Server for RHEVM installation

4.RHEV Manager

  • Installing RHEV Manager
  • The RHEV-M database
  • Accessing the RHEV-M Admin Portal

5.RHEV Hypervisor

  • Installing of RHEVH
  • The RHEVH deployment modes
  • Installing RHEVH
  • Automated RHEVH installation
  • RHEVH reconfiguration
  • Upgrading RHCVH
  • Troubleshooting RHEVH

6.RHEV Data Center

  • Data Center overview
  • Host
  • Storage Domains
  • Clusters
  • System Scheduler
  • Logical networks
  • Virtual machines
  • Creating a New Data Center
  • Creating a New Cluster
  • Configuring storage

6.RHEV for Servers

  • Creating virtual servers
  • Installing virtual servers
  • PXE Installation and RHN/Cobbler
  • Virtual Machine Migration
  • High Availability for Guests
  • RHN Entitlements and RHEV VMs

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